How do I know if my Crabapple has Apple Scab?

Crabapple’s are a beautiful addition to any property.  They have breath taking colorful flowers in the spring, and typically grow to be a manageable sized tree.

Apple Scab is a common fungal disease that can affect the leaves and “apples” of the Crabapple tree, Apple tree, and Pear tree.  Although the fruit from a Crabapple tree is not one that is very desirable, the loss of leaves mid-summer year after year can cause the tree to decline and eventually die.  If you are noticing brown, olive, or black spots, curling leaves, and an unusual amount of leaves on the ground for summer, there is a chance your tree could be infected.

Now (mid-summer) is the best time for a homeowner to look closely at their trees to see if it is exhibiting any of these signs, in spring or winter it can be nearly impossible to detect.  If you suspect you do see any signs, or want to be pro-active, let our ISA Certified Arborist stop by and take a look!  We offer many options for prevention/control, including spray treatments in the spring, trimming the trees to create better airflow between the leaves, and other measures to increase overall tree health.  Because of the risk of spreading disease, Crabapple trees should be pruned during the Fall/Winter months.

Innovative Tree Care Specialists, LLC also offers tree planting services, and our Arborist can help you select a tree that is disease resistant!  Let us help you pick out the best possible tree to meet your desires, and also best fit your property.

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