Common Tree Problems

At ITCS, we believe in staying current with trends in the field, and up-to-date on relevant information.  This allows for us to best manage your trees, and operate above current market standards.  Our team attends yearly conferences and educational seminars, and is constantly researching new, and innovative, options in tree health management.  Should you share this interest, we want to provide you easily accessible, understandable information to help you more fully comprehend what’s going on with your trees.  This section will explore a number of common insect, disease, and abiotic (non-biological) problems, as well as the possible solutions to these issues.  Click the links below for more information.  If you have any direct questions for our Arborist, please feel free to utilize our ‘Ask the Arborist’ link for direct feedback!

Common Diseases

Insects and Mites

Abiotic Disorders (non-biological)