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Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs
These programs utilize a holistic approach for managing the health of your trees; closely examining all aspects of tree health and taking a preemptive approach to problem prevention. Our arborist will set up monitoring visits to scout for potential issues, take a tree inventory of your property, and make recommendations for optimizing the benefits your trees provide.  An annual report on the health of your trees is also included. *
Insect and Disease Management
We offer a variety of preventative and curative treatments for many common tree/shrub insect and disease issues. We offer conventional treatments and, whenever possible, organic (OMRI certified)/environmentally friendly options.  Our Arborist will be happy to explore the pros and cons of the use of pesticides (conventional or organic) on your property, and help you make the best decision for your unique situation.
tree pruning Tree Pruning
Part of taking a holistic approach to plant health care involves the cultural practice of pruning. Pruning increases the overall health of your trees and reduces hazards to your property and family.  It can be used as a tool to help prevent problems with insects and disease, and to optimize future tree structure and growth patterns.
Tree Planting
Trees add a variety of benefits to your property, and can help individualize a property as your own. Proper selection of disease and insect resistant cultivars, proper planting location, and exploring your expectations of the tree you’d like planted (i.e. fall color, etc.) are all things our Arborist will review with you.  Caring for your tree post-planting and the benefits of mulching will also be covered.  Plant early spring or fall.
Air Spading
Air spading uses compressed, air-powered soil excavation to explore underground issues with your tree’s root system, reduce soil compaction (especially helpful post-construction), uncover previously buried root flares, and add soil amendments directly back to your trees root system. The Air Spading services we provide are:  Root invigoration (air tilling), radial trenching, vertical mulching, root collar excavation, girdling root pruning and identification, and bare root tree transplanting (only available for smaller trees).  See the video below to learn more about Air Spading today!
Deep Root Fertilization and Organic Compost Tea Application
Soils in an urban setting do not replenish themselves, with nutrients, the same way natural forest soils do. There is very little leaf litter that gets broken down and taken back into the soil.  In fact, we deliberately remove these leaves and, in many cases, plant grass that further competes for nutrients with our trees.  Our fertilizations are delivered 8-10” below ground level, directly in your trees absorbing root system; where they will be available for your trees, not your lawn.  Urban soils also lack many of the beneficial microorganisms that thrive in natural soil environments.  These microbes, which are present in our Purple Cow (OMRI certified organic) compost tea, help make nutrients more available to plants – while encouraging the entire soil complex function better as a whole.  Think of them as a “probiotic” for your soils, and for tree’s root system.  We also add humectants and kelps to the mix for additional micronutrient additions, and to feed the microbes. We can individualize fertilization treatments to your trees specific needs, and confirm these specific requirements; with a consulting soil test.*  We also have the ability to correct micro-nutrient deficiencies with trunk injections, if needed!
Tree Risk Assessments
Some trees can grow very large. While they are still providing us numerous benefits, they can also present hazards to our property and loved ones. Knowing when a tree’s risk has surpassed its benefits is critical to avoiding unnecessary (and sometimes devastating) consequences with the trees on your property.  Our ISA certified arborist will assess the tree(s) in question and issue you a formal report with his findings, along with any recommendations to help mitigate risk, if available.*
Consulting Services
We provide a wide array of consulting services to a variety of clients. We offer tree inventories, tree health profiles with recommendations, professional reports, pre-purchase home inspections, pre/post construction survey, tree protection zone establishment (construction), soil and plant sampling with laboratory analysis (through WI-extension office), and many more.  Call us with your project, and we’ll cater to that project’s specific needs!*
tree removal Other services
The above is not a complete list of all of the services we offer; or have the ability to offer. Other projects are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and referrals can be given if needed.  We also provide periodic stump grinding and smaller tree removal services.

*All estimates are provided free of charge.  For certain consulting services/reports, fees may apply.