About Us

Innovative Tree Care Specialists is a full-service, plant health care focused company, based out of lovely Madison, WI. We were founded on the belief that tree health care is a service that everyone should be able to afford; and that healthy trees, produce healthy, happier people in our communities. Having vigorous trees around your home or office can provide benefits such as stress reduction, reduced heating & cooling costs, erosion control, cleaner air quality, and increased property values – just to name a few. Our goal is to help you maintain these valuable assets so that you, and future generations, can enjoy the benefits of trees in our community. We are at the forefront of more environmentally friendly and organic solutions to tree related problems, and recognize the importance of protecting our planet – as well as your trees. Chemical solutions (organic or conventional) are only a small part of our tree health management programs, and we utilize an integrated, holistic approach to achieve optimal tree health on your property.

We are a family-owned company, comprised of 5 partners. Each of us is “rooted” in a unique background; bringing our own set of skills, and life experiences, to ITCS. We extend over generations of tree lovers, and aim to give our customers the personable experience of working with a small, locally owned company. We pride ourselves on professionalism, and ensuring that every job exceeds our customer’s expectations. We are equipped to handle tree health projects scaling from small to large, and will customize plans with our client’s goals in mind. Click here for a full list of services we offer, or select the “Services Offered” link on our home page to see how we can best help your trees!

Innovative Tree Care Specialists Team